Linda Johnson
Embracing diversity in visual arts and crafts

Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson   

Linda‘s journey with textiles and techniques began at St. Lawrence College. Over the years - her underlying passion for sewing came to the fore, and by 2000 the love of stuffed animal creation became her sole creative focus. Creatures can be either collectables or usables, so fabrics and accessories are chosen for their bright colors, softness, washability and above all, huggability!

Linda’s diverse creations represent much of the animal kingdom so in 2010, the Calico Zoo identity was created. Her colourful versions of monkeys, bunnies, giraffes, bears and elephants have been sold in artisan galleries and shows in New Brunswick, Quebec, Barbados and Ontario. An album of her creations is on

A member of the Guelph Creative Arts Association and the Fine Arts Society of Milton, Linda is always searching for new animals to create for children ages 1 to 100. All handmade, no two are exactly the same. Truly thoughtful and unique gifts – the recipient will love it.

Try getting one away from a 3 year old!


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