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Embracing diversity in visual arts and crafts

About the GCAA

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About Us

Some of our members are interested onlookers and "appreciators." Others are practicing artists working in a variety of materials and techniques. Oils, watercolour, acrylics, assorted drawing methods, print making and film are some of the media used in two-dimensional art, as well as digital imaging and computer graphics. Textiles, metal, clay, glass, wood etc. may become three-dimensional tactile items of decoration and/or utility. We identify and welcome all categories of artists and artisans, whether professional or amateur, and encourage participation for the enjoyment of both creators and the community.


Mission Statement

1) To provide opportunities for visual artists to exhibit, display and sell their work.

2) To promote individual artistic endeavours and development.

3) To provide learning opportunities for artists to develop their skills.

4) To build a supportive community of area artists and those who appreciate art.


A Brief History

Guelph Creative Arts Association started in 1948 as an association of existing art and craft guilds. It was provincially chartered in 1956.

Guelph Creative Arts Association's "Centennial Collection" of art by local artists was started in 1967. Valued at $27,000, it was donated to the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, 358 Gordon St., Guelph, when it was established in 1980, along with a further $10,000 to provide for future acquisitions by local artists. Our art collection is available for viewing at the Guelph Art Gallery.

Annual exhibitions started in the auditorium of Ryan's Department Store followed by the Armories, City Hall, Delhi Street Recreation Centre, the Framing Experience at the Barber Art Gallery and the former Eaton Centre.

In support of non-association art projects, contributions of $1,000 each were made to "The Family" fountain in St. George's Square, the new Ontario Crafts Council Centre and a seat in name of GCAA for Guelph River Run Centre, plus a $10,000 donation.